Sore for Days

BBC Sissy TrainerLately my lessons have been teaching my little sissy sluts on how to suck cock or follow directions, but I wanted to do something different today. Today they were going to get penetrated, and I brought in the biggest black cock just for that. These little sissy bitches are always talking about how they want the biggest cock in their ass and today they will get it. I made them get all pretty and made sure they each had on their pretty pink panties. I brought him into the room to choose the first sissy and she was very excited. I made sure to warn her that the first time could hurt if you don’t get his cock dripping wet, but she didn’t listen. He made her put on a cute show for him by stripping off her clothes and pink panties and then grabbed her by her hair down to suck his cock. She did very well but I could tell it wasn’t wet enough. He was close by the looks of it so he threw her off and turned her around on the bed. He lined his cock up to her ass hole and shoved it in while she screamed and cried in pain. He fucked her hard and good and eventually she got over the pain and he came in her pretty little ass. She couldn’t sit for days but she did learn her lesson.

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    • George on April 11, 2022 at 6:14 pm
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    I want sissy training so I can take BBC in my little pussy. Will you be my Mistress?

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