Sissy Slushy

forced feminization

You think you’re a tough guy don’t you? Yet here you are on my page wondering what you can do for a chance to drink my special sissy slushy. That’s what I call my explosive stream of squirt juice when a good sissy has overjoyed me. Since you are under the impression that you were so big and bad, I’m going to strip you down and make you get on your fucking hands and knees. I will use you as an ottoman as I shop for dainty little outfits to put your sweet ass in! As I find something that flatters your figure, I will be using my big toe to apply pressure to that man pussy of yours. Whether you like it or not you will get that ass plugged! I like my girlies to squirm the first few times they feel what a real Mistress imposes upon a sissy that needs to be trained. You came in here wearing a flannel and dirty jeans trying to look rugged and tough, but you will leave here wearing a pussy pink skirt and a baby blue halter top. I’d also like for you to wear some clear heels to make your ass look good as you walk. You are going to walk with some extra pep because my diamond studded ass plug is planted in your man pussy while you strut around for me. Do not think I am going to go easy on you just because you’re new. I’m going to forcefully feminize you and you are going to love every second of it!

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    • Cody on July 3, 2022 at 6:28 pm
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    Would you really do that to me, Mistress?

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