Sissy girl training

sissy girl training

Sissy girl training is my passion. I would love to strip you down, and redress you  like my little sissy slut fairy bitch. Bring your tiny little cockette over here so that I can look at it. I want to laugh as I put you in panties. You’ll wear them because that tiny excuse for a peepee is more of a clit and that’s what you will call it. I want you to rub your clittie for me through those silky panties and tell me how much you want me to fuck your sweet little pussy hole. I bend you over and spank your thick little ass until it’s red and stinging. I pull your cheeks apart and slide my big thick, studded cock right into your whore hole. You love the feel of my strap on. I’m going to hold you down and fuck your little fairy ass like the cum slut you are. You’re going to be my little fairy hoe and I will own you! I pull my cock out and make you suck it clean. I love watching you lick all of your he-pussy juices off of my strap on cock. You’re my sissy girl and I will fuck you when ever I want!


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