Sissy Slave Needs to Be Properly Punished

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I caught you, you sneaky little thief. You were dressing up in my clothes, draping your body in my tight bodycon dress and adorning your feet with my 8-inch heels. You need to be punished for going through your Mistress’ things. Get on all fours now! I’m going to spank your ass until it’s red. Feel the cold, hard wood of my paddle smack your ass until it burns.  Oh, I see that you are enjoying this. Your cock is now in chastity, so you won’t be able to jerk off after your punishment. Now, it’s time for me to pull out my 11-inch dildo. It’s time to teach your ass a lesson. Feel every inch of this dildo as I slide it in slowly. Now keep taking this cock as I fit the entire thing in your ass, pounding you until you feel it in your stomach. You are getting so hard and you are about to cum when I stop and pull out of you. You are horny out of your mind and beg for me to make you feel good. It’s time for you to be my sissy maid and do some chores. If you’re good, I’ll let 5 guys that I know show you a good time.

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