Sissy Training Is My Passion!

Sissy Training

My sissies are true cum thirsty sluts trained by a absolute sissy slut trainer queen! My sissies get the best advice on hair, make-up and feminine mystique available. Sissy Training is my passion and I have learned from the best women how to maintain a high standard of beauty and be flawless in my sex skills. I teach my sluts all my secrets so they can go out into the world and be gorgeous cock sucking whores. I start with the basics, helping my girls pick a flattering wardrobe that accentuates their curves and their most attractive features. If they have a great set of tits, it tell them to wear low cut v necks and wrap dresses, If they have a juicy bubble but it tell them to pick a nice short set or tight jeans to advertise their bussys. Then I make sure their hair and makeup are on point, they can either get their natural hair styled to be more fem or buy a long luxurious wig to wear that really makes them feel so pretty. Once they have the look down I get right into helping train their asses to take a big dildo, all my sissies are required to buy a big black cock dildo to practice with. I coach them on how to lube up and stretch themselves out to take all the fat cocks possible in their little tight bussies. They know the pain of having their asses trained will pass leaving only true pleasure behind. I also like to coach on wearing a cock cage so their clits shrink to a more feminine size from taking all the dick in their asses possible. It brings me such true joy to hear about all the cocks that my sissies make cum once they are fully trained in the art of pleasuring men!

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