Punishing my Sissy Maid

Sissy maid training


My sissy maid is so obedient. She does all of the chores that she is ordered to do while wearing her classic black-and-white French maid outfit with black stockings and a red thong underneath her skirt. She comes to my home everyday ready to serve. While she, at this point, has a structured cleaning schedule, she is always eager to complete any other tasks that are required of her. She is great at completing her tasks, but there are some things that I have to punish her for if she completes it wrong or forgets it. For example, there was one time while she was doing my laundry that she left a pair of my red panties in the wash with my white clothes. For this, I had to give her a good spanking. I told her to bend over, expose her ass to me and I smacked her ass until it was red and tender. From then on, my laundry was always done correctly. With a bit of discipline, my sissy maid is the best. 

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