Sissy training audio is your hypnotic Escape

Sissy training audio

Sissy training audio with me is always entertaining. I love cementing how much of a girlie little slut you are in your femme brain. Just getting the opportunity to put you sissy bitches in your place is like winning the lottery. Well, I do get paid to humiliate you and that in itself is all the fuel I need to keep tormenting you.

  I love seeing you squirm and beg for mercy. Knowing that I can control you and play with your mind is fun. It’s the best feeling in the world. It’s even better when you fight for control of your own mind.

Calling me to tell me you “accidentally” watched some sissy hypno porn will engage my brat mode.

Little Mistress Zoey will have all kinds of fun getting you to admit that all you can think of is a large in charge cock in your mouth.  Oh, darling, I don’t have to be mean right away. My skillset is one that will make you trust me, and fall right into my trap.  

Sissy hypno training makes you more fragile for me. I prey on your weakness becoming your confidant.  Fall victim to my voice as I lead you deep into your inner self.  I will make you feel safe and secure under my control. You will become addicted to me and will do anything I say. I will be the only one you need.  Give up and let me control your mind, body, and soul.

I know it’s hard to bare your innermost darkest secrets. But I only have your best interest in my heart. After all, I  will become your Mistress and only source of happiness. Trust me you will do as I demand. Surrender to me and become my Sissy slave. You will never be the same again! 

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