Sissy Slave Training Still in Session

sissy slave training

Sissy slave training doesn’t stop because you are on quarantine. In fact, this is the perfect time to hone your sissy skills. You can work from home dressed like you were meant to dress. I have a few ideas too. I have been dressing sissies for decades. A good sissy trainer helps you regardless of your situation. Sure, this quarantine has hurt many sissies, but the reality is most sissies are married or have a conservative job or a family that would never understand they want to wear panties and suck cock. I understand. For many sissies, the quarantine is helping them because if they are working from home, they can work in a pretty little sissy outfit. They can even be sitting in a desk chair video conferencing with their upper half in a business suit and their lower half in nothing but sissy panties.  Maybe getting cock is harder, but we can improvise. I had a man fuck his sissy hole with a carrot last night. Then I made him eat it. There are always things we can do from home to make up for going to glory holes and adult theaters and other down low places to pick up cock.  The key is you. Being a sissy requires commitment and effort. If you really want to be a sissy regardless if you want to be a closet sissy or an out in the open one, you must do the work. You must listen to your mistress. You must think outside the box. I don’t want excuses. I want results. Are you ready for the challenge of having a strong yet nurturing sissy trainer?

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