Sissy slave training

sissy slave training

Everyone who knows me, knows that I am serious about my sissy slave training. My slave bitches are my top priority. Nothing is more important to me, than training my sluts to be the ultimate sissy whores. My favorite thing to do is to dress my he-hoes up and force them to deepthroat a fat, throbbing cock. Once I see how hard that makes their little bitch clitties, it really gets me wet and excited! I teach all of my whores how to grind and shake their asses like good little sluts, to make all the dicks they tease rock hard. I love to invite a few hung studs over for my whores to ride and bounce on. I teach them how to lift their skirts and hold their tight bitch pussies open to take a hard dick in. The absolute best part, for me, is when they put back on their masculine clothing, at the end of our training sessions. They can fool the rest of the world and go around acting like real men but we know the truth. We know what cock gobbling he-whores they really are!

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