Sissy slave training is what you get for my fun

Part of your Sissy slave training is to entertain my company. Therefore, you must do as they want. “I need my balls drained,” my BBC guest said. Since you have been trained so well, you open your mouth nice and wide. “I train my sissy bitches right” I say as I shove your mouth on his big black cock. Your sissy ass wiggles like a filthy bitch as I use your mouth to jack him off.

“I see this bitch knows how to use that mouth, but what about that pussy?” He moans. “Let me show you,” I responded. Therefore, I push my sissy bitch on all fours. Then I rip those pink panties off your sissy ass and stuff them in your mouth. “Show my guest how well you have been trained” I whisper in your ear and then spank your ass. “Open up hoe” he says as he lubes his cock up. Then he quickly starts ramming you.

Sissy slave training

I love how I get you trained, and you use that training to entertain my guests and keep them happy.  You put on a good show and that makes me proud. That is why you get rewarded with new panties. After you get filled up, I stuff your new panties in your dripping pussy. so, you can hold that nut right in. “I want you to keep your new Sissy panties inside you until they soak up all that sperm” I say to you. Then you can put them on and walk around with cum soaked panties. When you walk around in the gooey panties you feel sexy and that is why you get trained.

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