Sissy slave training is grueling but worth it.

Sissy slave training          Sissy slave training is grueling but worth it. Now I know you came to me because you want the best and I am the best around. Bending you to my will. When necessary humiliating you as I see fit. Degrading you as well deserve to be degraded. It must be remembered that you came to me.

          The reason being that you know I won’t coddle you. Pat your behind and tell you that’s okay. No, you will learn how to obey a Dominant, master, or even your partner.

          For the most part a sissy wants to be dominated. Degraded, pimped out, or forced to wear sissy panties. Obviously it is not all the time. If you are one of the rare that would not want to be a sissy whore then your slave training will be much better.        

          In any event I am still the best for the part. By all means tell me what sort of training you are in the mood for. Perhaps you simply want to be humiliated and that is where I will gladly put you a cage and humiliate you. All of you or even just your cock.

          In summary whatever the training just remembered I am the Best sissy trainer in the area. It will happen in no time at all. You would be amazed at the fast results.

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