Throat Fucked for Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation training

Fill Your Throat with Cock During Sissy Humiliation Training

Only a pathetic little fag would get down on their knees and open their mouths for cock. Good thing you are a pathetic sissy bitch boy begging for sissy humiliation training. You asked just the right mistress to train you. Any man could enjoy a finger or two up their ass every once in a while, but I specialize in the filthy little sissy fuck toys who fantasize about being a used cum dumpster. I take those want to be’s and turn them into brain broken little cum addicts who would choose a cock over air. You’re going to be my next trainee.

Humiliation Phone Sex Will Teach You Your Place

All of my play things are required to have access to a thick silicone dick. I want it to be just like the one I attach to my strap. I will teach you how to worship a thick cock like that properly. Your slutty sissy mouth should already be watering. Now spit on it. Stroke that cock with your spit and get it all lubed up. Drag your tongue up and down every inch of it. I want you pathetically desperate to have that dick rammed down your throat. I want to hear you beg to have it.

Then I want to hear you force that cock as deep down your throat as you can take it. Slam that dick past your uvula. I want to hear you choking and gagging on that silicone cock. Pull that spit dripping cock out of your mouth and then plunge it back down that throat. I want your face to be a sloppy, dripping mess. While you violate your throat, I will be reminding you how useless and pathetic you are. By the end of the humiliation phone sex call, your throat will be sore but you will feel like the whore you are.


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