Sissy Maid Training Goddess

sissy maid training

Oh, you poor thing. You are in desperate need of some sissy maid training, aren’t you? You tried – I’ll give you that. But if you want to be a perfect sissy maid, you need to do a little better. You didn’t even shave your legs. Do you think any man is going to want you in his house to clean for him and then service him looking like that? I don’t think so. But don’t worry. I’ll send you to have your legs waxed and then you’ll look like a million bucks.

Of course, there are women who might also hire you to do their cleaning. I was thinking that it would be fun to have parties where all my girlfriends come over and you could serve us drinks and snacks and then while we enjoy them, you’ll get down on the floor and clean it with a toothbrush. Oh, there will be so many giggles and I’m sure your little clitty will be so excited. If you’re a really good sissy maid at the party, I’ll fuck you at the end of the night. I know that sounds like fun to you, so why are you not on the phone yet? I’m waiting.

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