Sissy Maid Training For A Cum Dump Like You

sissy maid trainingLift Your silk  Petticoats you are a sissy maid now and it is time for your spanking! Dear one did you think your transformation was complete with just your pretty little maid outfit? I will break you. Glitter lip gloss and pretty panties do not make a sissy. I have had better sissies wearing jeans and tight t-shirts. Your first step is going to be drinking cum from a tiny teacup after you serve your mistress. Pinkies out and lift up and show me your cage before you serve me pet. Not enough sugar, that’s three swats to your ass cheeks with my wooden paddle. Oh yes, red paddle lines! Now to crawl on your hands and knees between my legs and get the scent of a real woman that you will never be. I know now that spanking a sissy is not punishment but more of a reward, every pain I put you through makes you more of a sissy and you adore it. There is no harm in spanking my sweet small cocked fairy sissy maids at all. I know the next part of training is what you really want though. The biggest blackest cocks to fill your slutty troat and stomach up.  Get the lotion pet you are entering Mistress Zoeys Playroom.

Your sissy girl training will begin now!

sissy girl training

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