Sissy Maid At Its Finest

Dressing up my sissy slut is only part of the training I give. A good sissy slut always wears her collar and chastity like a good slut.

Sissy maid training

My sissy sluts will be pranced around, and their talents will be shared. My favorite sissy slut uses her mouth so good. Whenever I am around my friends know they can pull their BBC’s and have them milked. My sissy maid knows I don’t like messes so she will swallow every drop of thick nut making sure nothing drips out her mouth. If she drops even one drop of gooey nut, I will bend her over my knee and spank her ass until she is red and sore. If I am in the mood, I will show her who is boss by putting my big strap-on on and fucking her hard until her little Clitty leaks. If she has been a good milking slut, I will let her cum but she must clean her nutty mess up with her mouth like I like seeing.  A good sissy maid will do as her Mistress demands. 

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