Sissy Lessons

Sissy Training I love to teach little boys how to be sissy sluts. I’m very good at it. They love to get all dolled up in pink dresses and get their hair and nails done for my lessons. Today I get to teach them how to suck cock like the good little sissy sluts they are. I brought over my daddy’s friend who loves little sissy girls so they can practice. I tell them that they need to make his cock all nice and wet and to swirl their tongue all around the tip of his thick cock. I made sure they didn’t forget about his balls. Those little sissy bitches love having a huge cock in their mouth. They loved when he grabbed their little sissy girl head and make them choke on his thick cock while he came all the way down their throat. Those little sissy sluts can’t wait for their next lesson.

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    • william on April 4, 2022 at 9:42 pm
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    i will prepare a cock for your enjoyment!

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