Crossdressing online sissy training

online sissy trainingSeduction by crossdressing you. Online sissy training allows you to get nice and dolled up before you do anything else. Pretty petticoats under big riffly sissy dresses make you into the best sissy maid for me. Some stockings over a set of sexy bras and panties feel so good on freshly shaved and oiled legs. Add your hooker heels and make -up and you’re ready to serve me. Now, if you’re a bad girl you will have to go in your cock cage and not be allowed to cum. But there are so many options for us to go with. Rubber, plastic, even metal ones in every sort of color and purpose we might have together. Some are made for long term wear, these are my favorite. When pretty asses are exposed and sissy sticks are contained, it helps get your mind off all that sissy porn, and focus on the quest ahead. Your quest darling is to look as slutty as you can while taking a cock up your poop shoot and down your dirty whore mouth for me. Sissy girl training for the “man” who needs to be turned into a cock addict sissy slut!sissy girl training

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    Make me your bitch please

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