Sissy Humiliation Training Forces You to Clean Up Cum

Beg For Sissy Humiliation Training

Pathetic sissy toilets like you should beg for me to turn you into my bitch. Paying me for sissy humiliation training isn’t enough. You should be a pathetic little pet kissing the ground I walk on. Beg me to use you. I don’t mean just using your sissy holes for my entertainment. You will do everything I want you to do. Don’t you want to serve me? You want me to care about a useless little sissy like you? Then you will do what I tell you to do no matter how humiliating and depraved it is. I’m going to break you in faggot.

Sissy Humiliation Training

Cream Your Sissy Panties for Cum Eating Sissy Slave Training

I already force cocks down that sissy boy throat. And that boy pussy has been pounded and destroyed over and over again. What else could I use a weak beta bitch for? Cleaning. Your tongue is mine now. Put on your cute little sissy panties and get on your knees for me. You’re going to sit there like the sissy cuck you are and watch cock after cock cum in and on me. When they finish, you are to crawl to them and suck the cock clean. Balls and cock should be cleaned up of all of that cum. Let them fuck and empty out the rest of their balls in your mouth. 

Then I want you to crawl to your mistress and open wide. I’m going to push their load into your mouth and you’re going to swallow every fucking drop. You’re my cum swallowing toilet. You are going to slurp any leftover drop of their cum off of me. Eat their cum out of my pussy you pathetic cum eating faggot. You should like a cum covered whore when you are done. Then crawl back to your pathetic corner and wait for the next load. This obedient sissy slave training will teach you your fucking place, pet.

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