Cleanup Sissy Bitch In Use

Mistress phone sex On your knees eating my box like the good cleanup slave I have taught you to be. Isn’t that right you little bitches? I bet you are just as well trained as this little sissy bitch Alex who has been eating loads from my holes for days now. He knows the only reason I keep him around is to clean my hot pussy after I take a load from a real man cock. He has gotten so good at eating and swallowing that man cum directly out of my precious little fuck box. I bet your cock is throbbing just thinking about being told to get on your knees and eat my beautiful hot cunt. Deep down you know I wil never touch you or let you fuck me. Somehow that still doesn’t matter to you pathetic little bitches does it? Nope, because at least you get to serve me, taste me and be a slave for me. Call me you useless little bitch and maybe I will allow you to rub your pathetic useless little cock.

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