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online sissy trainingIs online sissy training for you? Let us be honest for a moment. It is hard to be a sissy when you hare married with a family and have a good job that would be at risk if you came out of the closest. That is why sissy sites like this one are here. Most of the guys I speak to are closeted sissies or sissies in their head only. I can work with that. Most of the sissies I see in my personal life, are only practicing sissies when with me. The world is not too kind to sissies. They get ridiculed and shamed, but just because a man likes to wear women’s clothes and think about sucking cock does not make him useless. Sissies have great purpose. I use sissies for all kinds of things. I love a sissy maid. Some one who will do all the grunt housework and eat my cum filled pussy too. Sissy fluffers are fun also. Those are sissies who suck cock and guide those fluffed dicks into a woman’s pussy. If wives would be more enlightened, they would realize that the best thing to have is a sissy fluffer husband. It means that a hot wife can get all the cock she wants. Her sissy husband gets to suck dick and clean her cunt afterwards. That is win win. I love sissy training. I train sissies for all kinds of things from being sissy maids to being cock sucking faggots. Sometimes both. Many men need a sissy trainer in their lives who will help them with those urges that men have for cock. There is no shame in wanting to wear something frilly and drain some dicks. No shame in wanting to take a cock in your back door pussy either. I have trained hundreds of sissies over the years. No two sissies are the same. But if am their trainer, they will all be the best cock sucking sissies wearing the prettiest sissy panties around.


    • Dieter on May 29, 2022 at 7:07 pm
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    Will you be my sissy mommy? Mistress Mommy sounds so sexy.

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