Sissy Humiliation Assignment

Sissy humiliation training


I have some sissy humiliation training homework for all of you sluts, so listen up!  You aren’t done practicing your prissy, ass pussy packing, big prick pleasing skills when you leave my place.  There’s so much more that you need to do to be one of my phenomenal femboys.  The lessons you need to learn in life are ongoing so your clitty queen training is, as well.  If you don’t like it, you’re welcome to find another mistress.  I don’t tolerate insolence, especially out of my stupid sissy-boy sluts.

First thing’s first, I’m gonna need some pics.  I don’t give a fuck if you want to send them to me or not, I want them and you’re going to send them.  You need to show me just how dedicated you are to my daintification process with some embarrassing selfies.  I don’t just want you to dress up like a girl and pop off some shots of yourself in strategic poses, that’s fucking weak.  I want to see your best whore writing tribute to me or pics of you handcuffed to your bed.  Clamp down that little clitty and lock it the fuck up then show me how hot it looks.  Do your worst to yourself in the best way and email that shit directly to me.  Pretty easy.

Some of you might have a harder time with my homework assignments than others.  It’s cool. The rules are simple, though.  Show me how happy you are to be one of my he-bitch whores and send me some super slutty pics of yourself if you want to take part in my sissy slave training techniques.  If you don’t then you can find another mistress to try to make you into the lil’ miss not-a-man that you want to be, but good luck with that.  I know what you need, you just have to trust me.


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