Online Sissy Training Puts Me in Charge of You

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training means I can teach you how to be a good sissy with just a call. Not all sissies can see a mistress like me in real time. Too much of a risk of the wife finding out. Or maybe they do not have the time or the money. A real mistress can cost a lot more than $2 a minute, LOL. Plus, some guys do not even know who to trust in the scamming age. So, phone sex seems like the safest route. And I work with all kinds of sissies.

I can be sweet. In fact, that’s my nature and preference. However, some sissies are so disobedient and unruly, I must play rough and mean. Adam called me for sissy training. But he seemed to not understand how this all works. He called me baby and honey. I only go by mistress or goddess. Sometimes, mommy. Then he told me what he would do and not do. I am the mistress which means I am in charge. You do not get to dictate how this will go.

A Sissy Trainer is a Dominatrix and Always in Charge

So, I had to get rough with this sissy. No feminization. I grabbed my huge strapon dildo and fucked this sissy’s ass raw until she understood who was in charge. Although I know some sissies like the rough treatment, sissy Adam just wanted to wear some pretty panties and prance around in front of me.

Sure, I cater to panty boys too. But even a panty boy knows he is submissive to me. Adam thought because he was paying, he could call the shots. And to make it worse, he thought he could fuck me too with a 4-inch dick. I pass on a 6-inch dick, LOL. Adam did not get to wear my sissy panties. However, he did get the honor of sitting on a bag of frozen vegetables for a week.

Do not be like Adam. Understand that you are my slave. And that I call the shots, always.


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