Sissy girl training all year long is what I love to do

Sissy girl training

Sissy girl training all year long has given me some great Memories! Just thinking of all the men in pantyhose and sweet satin panties that I have come across makes me so fucking happy. Happy Mistress; Happy Life! I am born at a wonderful time when so many companies are pandering to men in hose and panties! Panties are wonderful already, as you well know I’m a panty whore myself.

I have so many pairs that My boyfriend has no room for his jockeys. With a snicker, I tell him that he should get some sexier undies. Look, My man has a big dick and sometimes he too likes the feel of a good satin pair of boxer shorts, so I get it! Men in tights, lace, and ribbons are so sexy to me. 

And when that feeling starts to permeate into your soul of pure femininity, cum calling. Zoey will always help you into a sexy pair of panties or Nylons. Baby, I am just like you, I put on my hose and heels one leg and foot at a time. Pulling up my panties and hose seems like such a normal part of my day.

best sissy trainer

Sissy girl training is the a wonderful part of my life Thank you for sharing your sissy cummies with me this year! 

Often, I forget that for my men in panties, this is a special occasion. A chance to feel your dick in panties and the feel of soft hosiery on your big manly legs. This has been a wonderful year of sissy payments, Thank You for making me the best sissy trainer, my sissy whores! Also, a year of pictures and short videos and watching my men perform for me online. You know I try my best to keep up with all the trends.

As a sissy trainer, I am always learning and revealing my true feminine soul just like my sissy whores. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and all the other wonderful things. Let us make the last week of December a sissy cummies Blast!  

I love each and every one of my sissy men and wish you only more exploration into the sissy arts!


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