Sissy training requires obedience or suffer the consequences

Sissy trainingMeet Pathetic faggot slut, Sissy Quinn Guerin.

We went to the sex store for some new Sissy panties. We picked out a sexy two-piece bikini… I mean the two-piece was hot but just not on his fat ass!  He wore a micro mini skirt with his saggy ass hanging out the backside… I don’t even know how the cashiers managed not to laugh in his pathetic face! I know I couldn’t help it watching him prance his fat ass around the store looking for his new sex toy. Quinn Guerin is no newbie to slavery, I am not the first mistress that owned his useless ass but I will be the last.

This wideload belongs to me!!

I had him bent over taking a nice thick dildo deep inside of his man pussy. If he dared to misbehave during Sissy training he suffered severe consequences! Quinn knows I am not one to be played with, well now he does after having no other choice but to dump hot candle wax all over his measly cock after applying icy hot. What I say fucking goes and the worthless bitch had to learn the hard way! It’s either he does as he is told or I expose him… Just for cumming in my presence he was forced to drink a bottle of piss mixed with his semen.

The pathetic worthless sissy faggot should have known better than to cum on my watch!

I guess the worthless faggot got all worked up after being forced into submission and having his prostate massaged. That is no excuse! Quinn, you are nothing but a pathetic fat fuck with a useless 2-inch cock. The fuckers dick hasn’t grown even half of an inch since his diaper days. No kidding Quinn, you have the smallest cock I have ever seen. You know the only way to compensate for your lack of inches during Online sissy training is by spending every dollar you’ve earned… There is no way out!

Merry Christmas you fat fuck, you better not be a minute late for Slave training.

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