Sissy Girl Training

sissy girl trainingLooking for sissy girl training? I love to train sissies. I am a mommy and a nurturing sissy trainer. I treat my sissies like my daughters. I dress them up frilly and pretty. And I teach them all the things they need to know to please men. I have a new real-time sissy. She found me through my daughter. He used to go to school with my daughter, but he dropped out before graduating because he was bullied. He was a femme boy then. Still is, but now he wants to transform. He plans on becoming a T-girl. She is saving up for a boob job, but in the meantime wants to work the truck stops and glory holes for money. My daughter brought her former schoolmate to me because she knew I was the best sissy trainer for the job. She was right too. I know how to turn a boy into a cock sucking princess. A few days with me as her trainer, Mark became Michelle. I did her makeup. I put her in a wig and some very pink and frilly clothes. I showed her how to walk like a woman. I showed her how to suck cock like one too. Such a pretty girl afterwards. She is a natural cock sucker. Honestly, one of the best I have trained to date. She took my big black dildo balls deep after the third try. It is 12 inches long. I knew where to get her maximum money for her skill set. The truck stop is full of black truckers in need of an eager mouth to drain their balls. When she became Michelle, she wanted big black cocks. So many sissies do. I am a BBC sissy trainer because I am a BBC slut. The bigger the better if you ask me. Same for Michelle. I took her to the truck stop last night and she made a couple thousand dollars just sucking on big black dicks. She will have her money for her boobs in no time with me as her trainer.


    • Wes on May 6, 2022 at 10:13 am
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    I need a mommy sort for my sissy training. Can I have you as a mommy trainer?

    • yorden on May 13, 2022 at 7:40 pm
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    i am ready to be on your roster

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