Best Sissy Trainer

Best sissy trainerLet’s go shopping! I’ve turned Sissy cooper into the perfect slut. No matter what he will never be a woman so he will always come back crawling to me. He knows fairly well who his superior is! He aspires to be a woman much like myself, one with sass and a nice round ass. The kind of lady that turns every man’s head! Cock drawn to her without a mention. He’s learning how to suck cock like the perfect princess fuck slut that he is. We have been practicing his nice feminine moan. No man wants you grunting while giving him a blowjob. You are going to have to learn to squeal and let out musical moans to raise the hair on his body. What better way to learn than by the best sissy trainer out there. You can check my resume! Come find out for yourself. I don’t want an average Jane. I want an extravagant bitch who knows that a woman requires daily grooming. A dramatic style with one that stands out in every room. There is no competition!! We see no competition!! When I am through with her. She will have all the other sissies wishing they could be her. Manicures, pedicures and waxes from head to toe. Lace fronts and Jewels. Nobody said becoming a woman would be easy but for certain it isn’t impossible. Sissy Cooper will be one of a kind when we are through with sissy training!


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    train me please

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