What a little sissy

sissy phone sexI made him into a little sissy bitch and it was too funny! He’s this tall muscular man that you would never think was a sissy but between his tiny little wannabe dick and his personality he was definitely sissy material in my eyes. So I forced him to shave off all that ugly hair and put him in a dress and makeup and you know what? That big ass man turned into a cute lil dick sucking sissy in no time. He was eagerly slurping up cock after cock like a fucking pro… even tho he swore he had never done it before. Personally I was sure he was full of shit but whatever it didn’t matter all that mattered was he was making me money as a little sissy whore. And he will be back again tomorrow and every night this week to make me some more. I am going to make him a sissy no one will ever forget!

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