Sissy Charlie Cleans Up Her Brother’s Cum

Mistress Phone SexI have been training Charlie to be my little sissy. She has a micro clitty, so she is of no use to me in that regards. She is so tiny that I could not even find a cock cage tiny enough for her to wear. So, I resorted to a pretty pink bow on her clitty and frilly pink panties with lace on the back. Tonight, I plan on having her be my clean up sissy. She is very dedicated, but I like to push my little trainees sometimes. I invited her brother over to join in on the fun. Kyle walked in and I immediately had Charlie come down and show off her pretty panties. Kyle got the biggest kick out of that and just laughed hysterically. Charlie just hung her little head, but I know she secretly liked it although we couldn’t tell because her little clitty is so small. I led Kyle and Charlie back to my room and had Charlie undress us both. Next Charlie was told to get on her knees and get Kyle hard for me. She was hesitant at first, so I had to smack that little clitty a few times with my hand to get her moving. But once she put Kyle’s dick in her mouth, she started giving him the best blowjob. She was taking him so deep and Kyle was starting to moan. Charlie is not worthy of bringing him to orgasm, so I had to stop her. I could tell she was disappointed as I had her watch her brother fuck me nice and hard repeatedly. He fucked me in my wet pussy and my tight ass leaving his load in both. When we were finally finished, I motioned for Charlie to come over and clean all her brothers cum from my pussy and asshole. She lapped it all up like a little puppy. As a special treat I let her lick her brother all clean too.

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