Sissy Gets Lucky On St. Patrick’s Day

Sissy humiliation trainingMe and my boy toy thought it would be fun to go out to a pub this St. Patrick’s Day. Didn’t expect it to turn out as fun as it did. I was going up to the bar to get a couple of more drinks for our booth when this guy in front of me was leaning over, exposing the green lace panties he was sporting under his pants. I couldn’t help myself. I reached my finger and pulled up on his panties. He froze and turned around and looked at me. He turned red and didn’t know what to say. So I asked him quietly if he wanted to suck some Irish cock? You know to be festive. He shook his head, yes, and I had him follow me back to our booth and introduced him to my boy toy for the evening. Discreetly we snuck out back behind the pub and I show his panties to my boy toy who just chuckled and started to pull out his cock once he realized what I was up to. I watched as this little sissy cocksucker got on to his knees and started to hungrily lick up and down on my friend’s cock. Slurping and moaning while slobbering all over the head. Giving the sloppiest blowjob I’ve ever seen a sissy slut give. The little bitch started to beg for it in his mouth cause he didn’t want anyone to know. Ha! Slut’s don’t get to make that call. I had my friend finish all over that slut’s face, making him lick off what he could and use his shirt to clean off the rest before going back inside. I could tell he was so embarrassed and worried he missed some. He kept looking around panicky at the time as he kept feeling residue dry upon his face. The rest of our time there we just kept looking at him and laughing at his few moments of misery.

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