Sissy-Bath Time is The Best!

Femboy training


Sissy-bath time is one of the most fun parts of my phenomenal femboy training!  Helping my girly guys get their little clitties all cleaned up and showing them how to properly take care of their dainty downstairs is super fun for both of us!  It fills my heart with pride knowing that I’m purifying those horny he-bitches and helping them get ready to take all the BBC that swings in their direction.

I don’t have any crotch goblins of my own, so I treat all of my sissy sluts as though I shot each one of them out of my pussy.  Since my little ones are full grown adults, though, sometimes getting them to submit to being an enslaved sissy and fully embody a perfect little priss is labor intensive.  Imagine trying to give birth when you’re 1600 weeks along.  It can get rough.  Attitudes abound, let me tell you.

Hot and steamy sissy bubble baths calm all of us down, though.  We climb in the tub, play around in the suds and let a bath bomb tickle us as it swirls around the top of the water.  I have a revitalizing shampoo that’s great for getting any sweat, spunk or spit out of their hair and I use a sea sponge loofah to help clean off any old cum that might be stuck to their skin.  When I clean off their ladyboy junk I use my soft fingers to get into all of the folds of their pussy-pricks and give those loose assholes they all have a special two fingered tickle-massage of a cleaning.  The soapy water lets my digits slide in and out of their dungers with little to no resistance.

When we’re done, I dry them off, give their butthole and wussy-puss the sniff and lick test then help them pick out the perfect pair of sissy panties and most outrageous outfit for the evening.  It’s like helping some street rat that I adopted get ready for their first date, only, unlike most parents, I hope that my little man-girl gets her ass plowed and pummeled by the end of the night.  It makes me all misty eyed just thinking about it. 


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