Shoppin’ and Suckin’

Phone Dominatrix

It’s sissy shopping day so I think I’ll treat my devoted sissy to something nice. She’s been such a good girl for me and deserves to try on fluffy and pink clothes while I sit back and watch. I should also make sure she gets all the exposure she craves by blasting her on my sissy slut hut blogs. If you see a sissy fag bent over wearing bright pink panties on the internet, that’s my bitch! I’m can’t wait to post on this sissy expose site I just found.

She has been doing a good job at coming in for her phone sessions and completing all the sissy tasks I assign her so after a nice long shopping spree, I plan on surprising her with some cock! I just know she will enjoy the creamy Cum de la Leche from my Latin Papi. I know she loves big black juicy cocks but I wanna spice things up tonight!

I promised her that if she listened to me, followed the sissy schedule I made for her, and drained her account for me, I would go live on Instagram and humiliate her all over my live feed.

She hasn’t completely eliminated the fear of being exposed but will let me do anything I say! Getting creamy cum pops to gulp down is her motive to shut the fuck up and take this humiliation. She’s going to love the day full of shopping and sucking I have planned for her!

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