Queen Presley Owns You

Best Sissy Trainer

I am the best sissy trainer, and I own your pathetic little soul. Sweet pretty girl, come play dress up with me and my girly friends! We don’t shave, we wax – every single part of our beautiful lady bodies. We always have to be ready to take some hot bull cock. Here, try on these panties! They’re so cute! All pink and lacey, and matching this bra! Here, put it on honey! We’ll get you hormones so you can grow your own tits and fill these bras out, but for now you have to be a cutie little A cup. Remind me again, what’s your name sweetie? Oh not that name! Your pretty girl name. Don’t you want to be a sexy bitch like me? You do, because I say you do. And Queen Presley owns you.

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