Put on those Silky Panties

best sissy trainer

Michelle tells me that I’m the best sissy trainer that she’s ever had. Michelle came to see me and he was dressed in blue jeans, a sweatshirt and work boots. I raised my eyebrow and told that girl to strip out of that crap right away. He had men’s white briefs on too. I cut them up in a bunch of tiny pieces. Then I put her in lavender silk panties and a white silk nightie. I made that girl put in a thick pink plug and stretch her pussy for later use. She whined but her clit was standing out all hard.
The next training that I gave to Michelle was cum eating. I didn’t want that sissy to embarrass me when she got cum from a real cock. I took a cum covered strap-on and fucked it into her lips. God, that lazy slut hadn’t even made her face up before she came over. I smeared the jizz all over her face with the strap-on and let it dry. That’s how I made her go out shopping. She had a tiny nightie, panties and dried up cum on her whore face. She’s almost ready for real dick now.

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