My Boss’s Transformation Continued

Sissy trainingOver the next few days, I would slip him a few more pairs of panties with instructions to be wearing a pair each day. Then I observed his behavior. He was happier, more relaxed having someone to share this secret with must have been a huge relief. Each night after work I would stay late (paid of over-time of course) and we would discuss my future plans for him. I took some measurements and we sat down and did some online shopping. I needed to make sure my slut had the proper attire for her debut weekend. Her sissy coming out party had been planned and now it was just getting her ready. First the outfit, we decided on an innocent look as we agreed it would be best given she was a sissy virgin. So white lace panties, garter, and thigh high stockings. A beautiful white satin chemise, with a gorgeous white sheer long flowing robe. The order was placed and set to arrive at my house the day before the party this upcoming Friday. So all that was left was practicing for the big day. I bring my strap-on to work and I’ve been teaching her how to suck cock, and I’ve provided other fun accessories to prepare her sissy pussy for her first time. Soon my new sissy who I’ve finally decided to bestow the name Lily will be more than ready for her big day!

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