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phone domination

Sometimes I take a break from training sissy sluts and explore other forms of phone domination. There’s a lot of humiliation when dealing with sissies, but I’ve discovered that it’s also a lot of fun to point out to men that their cocks will never be good enough to please a woman. There are so many losers out there with small dicks who are trying to get a woman to be with them, but it’s just never going to happen. When they try to tell me size doesn’t matter, I just start laughing hysterically and telling them to just keep dreaming.

It always makes me laugh when a caller tells me he’s a virgin because every time a woman gets a good look at his poor excuse for a dick, she just laughs at him and leaves. I mean, you know it’s bad when a hooker won’t even fuck you for money. Has any of that happened to you? I want to know how small your teeny little worm is so I can remind you that you’re no good for anything at all sexually. And I think it’s fucking pathetic that all of this turns you on. So when you’re ready to be laughed at and abused, give me a call.

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    Make me a slut

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