Panty boy son

Forced feminization

Forced feminization is my specialty. It isn’t just weak men who seek me out and want me to break their spirits, sometimes women seek me out too. A hot milf sought me out and wanted me to take her teen son and turn him into her little sissy toy. He tried to resist, but men are so easy to control when you get their cock hard enough. I let him have a taste of my pussy while his mom stood and watched. His cock was so hard and he wanted to put it in me so bad that I could have gotten him to do anything! Men are pathetic. I had him down on his knees wearing a ballgag and pair of his mother’s sexy lace panties in no time. He was humiliated to be hard and practically naked in front of his mother, but I had him where I wanted him. I instructed him to lick his mother’s cunt for me and he did just as I said. After initial revulsion at the idea, he was soon lapping at his mother’s pussy like a good little slut. His cock was so hard for his mom that it was straining against the lace of his panties. I told him to lay on his back and stroked his hard little cocky through the lace panties before sliding them down and letting mommy fuck him. He was so ashamed and guilty about fucking his own mom, but he wanted it so bad too. His mom rode his cock and made him promise to be her perfect little pet. He whimpered at first and I gave him a slap on the side of his face. I told him if her ever wanted mommy’s pussy again he better be her good little slut. He was agreeing with gusto as he filled his mother’s cunt with his cum.

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