Don’t let looks fool you. I am the Best sissy trainer you will ever meet. Even the manliest of men can be broken by me and turned into cum loving sissy sluts. I will have you wearing women’s panties, makeup and lingerie like the little sissy you are deep down inside. I love taking a man who thinks he’s masculine and a real man and slowly breaking him down and degrading him. Make no mistake, any man can be broken. You’ll be on your knees wearing my hand-me-down lingerie licking my cunt while I laugh at you and insult you. You’ll learn that your place is on your knees licking my feet and groveling to me. Eventually you’ll even learn to like it. You’ll start to love being forced to wear panties and suck other men’s cocks. Forced feminization is my specialty and I’ll have you begging to fluff my lovers’ cocks in no time. Now go put on your tightest pair of panties and your brightest sluttiest shade of lipstick and get ready for me.


    • Vince on July 24, 2021 at 11:42 pm
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    Hope this works
    Walk in on me in the locker room after a workout. Tease me about my lack of size, and make me stand in front of you while you measure me soft, and ask me really embarrassing questions, like if I became a bodybuilder to make up for being so small. Make me tell you how embarrassed I was walking into the shower and why I always kept my underwear on. Make me tell you how jealous I got when I saw the other guys and how big their cocks were. Laugh when I tell you it made me hard.

    Have some of your friends come over and compare us side by side. Make me tell you how jealous I am, and make me hold their dicks so I can see what it feel like to hold a man’s dick.

    Make me get on my knees and have the guys stand in front of me, Slowly pull their shorts down and make me kiss each of the heads. Cover my face with their dicks and make me slowly such each of them while you hold and stroke them for me.

    Jack them off all over your toes, then make me jack off while I lick your toes clean and you have fun with me.

    • Annonymous on July 14, 2022 at 7:26 pm
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    I like being a woman can you make my voice better?

    • Zoey’s PIGGY BANK on December 21, 2022 at 12:50 am
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    Finally heard Goddess Marissa voice
    She was kind enough to join in with BRILELLE
    I was proud to make them laugh
    They said that iWOULD call all operators
    And say hello. I might be the

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