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You’re My Sissy BBC Slut

bbc sissy trainerBeing a bbc slut trainer always gets me off! I love watching a man like you get his ass cheeks pulled apart and his sissy girl hole force fucked like you deserve! I’ve been going out behind your back to meet up with big black cocks because your 3 inch limp dick wasn’t enough for me. I’ll get out of work and go home with a big black cock and get fucked all night letting him fill me up with his hot white and sticky load of baby seed! When I get back I’m forcing you on your hands and knees to suck me clean. I have the perfect sissy girl outfit for you that’ll turn you into the pretty sissy faggot you deserve to be! When I’m ready I’m inviting 20 big blacks dicks over to train your tight shit hold to get full of cum over and over again! I and black cocks like this completely own and control you and your whole life now. Every where you go you will be dressed like a girl and into bars and clubs to be bent over and having dick after dick and load after load shoved inside all your holes. Skull fucked until you are completely full and can’t swallow cum any longer almost until you’re sick. The next day you are to do it all over again.

Sissy Maid Slut

Sissy phone sexBeing a dominatrix gets me wet and excited for more! I take my sissy slut training very seriously. When I get you to myself I expect you to either be dressed and ready in position for me or to let me know you need me to set out that whore outfit with the thigh high socks and mini skirt for you to wait in while you get ready to eat my cunt and take a big hard cock into your man pussy. I love turning men like you into sissy bitches! The first or the next time I have you with me, you will be thoroughly humiliated! We’re gonna take you out into an open space to be fucked and lick up all the cum your covered in and the cum landing on the ground. We’ll be in some sex bar with you dressed like a whore sissy faggot wearing that sweet maid outfit! Everyone else will be pointing, laughing and taking turns grabbing and fucking you! Calling you names and putting you in the place you belong. Now, come be a good sissy.

Take All Those Bbc’s

best sissy trainer

Did you make sure to bring your skirt and tight thong I gave to you? Put those on and come in here to meet some of my boyfriends sissy slut. I’m going to introduce you to all those big black anaconda cocks show you all the choices of big black sacks that will be emptying out onto your face and into your slutty sissy holes faggot. Now that you’ve seen every cock that will be covering you up in juices and tearing into you, bend over like a good bitch while we get these big cocks ready for you to take in your sissy asshole! Open your mouth wide and spit on them, grab on their big tight ball sacks while being forced to take huge twelve inch dicks down your sissy throat! Tell me how good it is while they release those hot white loads onto your face. Lick it all clean sissy slut and be a good sissy whore who swallows all the tasty cream that’s been given to you. Don’t forget to beg for more!

Marissa Your Sissy Mistress

sissy slave trainingHave you been a good slutty sissy boy playing with your faggot man cunt for me? I’ve been preparing your man pussy for this moment and you better be ready for it! I’m bringing in all eight black alpha cocks to tear into your trained sissy hole. If you don’t think that’s enough for your sissy cunt then we’ll just bring in eight more. Don’t forget to be wearing your sparkly pink slut panties and matching tights. I’ve been training you to be such a good cock sucking slut while you’re grabbed by your little pussy boy ball sack! We’ll have to get rid of that for being such a girly sissy slut, don’t forget to clean up all the cum that’s shot out at your sissy face and sissy boy pussy! I wanna watch as your sissy slut hole is violently fucked by those black cocks spreading you all out and making their huge loads of massive cum spilling out and covering you all up in it! Don’t miss a drop of that hot white juice, be a good sissy boy for us!

Mistresses femboy training

femboy trainingWho’s my favorite little sissy boy? I had so much fun last week playing with you! Didn’t you love wearing those sexy tight stockings for me? I hope you’re ready for your next session with your favorite mistress Marissa.  I’m sorry if I seem a little harsh or forceful but how else do I take over my shy sissy. I love to make you squirm and prepare your sweet tight asshole to take this large alpha black cock I have waiting for you. I know how much you love alpha anaconda cock deep inside your tight femboy hole. I so excited to play with my tight pretty pussy while I watch you get your tight faggot pussy stretched out and get covered and full of a big fucking load of hot big black cock cum! Let me teach you how to be such a good sissy bitch boy for me and all of my big black cocks for you! I love playing with my sissy boy, humiliation and teaching you to be a good sissy faggot is what makes me wet! Put on your pretty panties and hurry up!

Marissa’s your Phone Dominatrix

Forced FeminizationIt’s about time you joined me for your training. There’s always a long list of pathetic sissy boys like you just waiting for the chance to be dominated and trained on how to be a good little sissy slut that deserves the meanest mistress so you can know how to behave for others and it looks like you’ve finally made it in! When we begin you will learn that your mistakes will not be taken lightly and that punishment comes just as easy as a reward does. Are you ready to be forced into feminization the online sissy training with your mistress Marissa and become the best femboy that you can whether you’re doing it for yourself or your wife or girlfriend. You’ll always be my sissy slut even after I send you on your way. Your little man pussy will be nice and broken in, your mind will be ready and set to perform like the sissy boy you’re going to be trained to be. Even better you can be trained by two mistresses for double the sissy! Come join me or us and be prepared to become my forever little sissy boy!

Marissa’s Sissy Training


sissy humiliation

Are you a good or bad sissy boy? Because whether or not you are I always make sure you behave for me and any of my special mistress friends! When we or I come in you are to always be in position with your sissy panties on. Not naked or in work clothes or what you wore for that. Your sissy ass will follow the rules and have time limits on when you do things and if you fail that’s just more punishment baby. Be a good little sissy boy slut and stay bent over while my friends and I fuck you small little man pussy or be forced to take a bunch of large cocks and strap on’s. Don’t forget to keep that anal plug in at all times after filling it with cum or you’re licking it all off the floor. You’ll be so full of cum all day every day you won’t need actual food when we make you live off cum! Come and be the good sissy slut we all know you are! 

Bad bad sissy

Domination phone sex

One of my slaves has been so naughty. Mistress Marissa needs to teach him a lesson.  I wonder what in my array of play toys would be the best. I ran my fingers over the toys on my wall. So many wonderful paddles and floggers.  The Smell of the leather excited my senses.  I grabbed some of my Hemp rope, a few paddles, and a long blade.  My bad boy slave was already there, standing with his arms behind his back. I grabbed the rope and bound his wrist.  He has his collar on and his leash was dangling.  I pulled my arm back wooded paddle in hand and brought it down against his bare bottom with a loud smack. Once, twice and so much I lost count! Once he begged me well enough I cut him free. He will learn to be a good boy eventually.


Sissy punished

best sissy trainer

I love how that cock cage looks on you! Your such a good girl wearing that tight cage. Denying yourself, the ache pulls on you to play with that little clitty of yours. Come now be a good little sissy bitch and beg! Beg Mistress Marissa to take her keys and free that clitty of yours so you can rub it and get it all excited. Your begging is pathetic, I know your capable of so much more. The only thing you will be feeling tonight is my heel on your face and the sting of my paddle. So be a good little bitch for me and lay down face sideways ass up. Your going to kiss my feet and beg me to beat you. Let me hear you say it. Repeat after me sissy bitch. “Mistress Marissa please beat my sissy ass” there are go the next thing your gonna do for me is count of the hits. Are you ready, yes okay let’s go.

Quick CBT torment for Sissy

Domination phone sex

I see your cock twitching. You fucking love it when I put you in the leather straps don’t you? I have my crop all ready for you. You begged and pleaded to have Mistress Marissa hurt you.  I caress your face with the smooth crop dragging it down your cheeks on each side. .Letting you smell how the leather smells and how it feels dragging slowly across your skin. I tuck a finger under your chin and jerk your gaze up. I tower above you when you’re tied up to the post on the ground. I take my Silver heels and began to step on your balls ever so slightly.  I place my soft hand over your mouth and press my foot down harder. I love hearing your crys of pleasure and pain and i crush your pathetic cum filled balls with my heels. I let off and leave your cock throbbing, it needs some more time. I want to hear you beg me to torment your balls more.