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Piggy and Sissy Faggot’s Please Me

I’ve had my fair share of useless little worms, faggots that wait in lines to be used up by me like little cum filled rag dolls. But then there’s a few that I don’t mind letting get down on their knees and pink and snort for me like little piggy’s. Specifically little sissy bitches that turn themselves into pretty little cum fuck sluts that are going to take dick into every hole they have! Even if I have to make another hole for a tight pussy to be freshly fucked! Now be a good worthless piggy and make me laugh and point at you on your all fours!! Come and play, beg for your mistress and eat up all you dirty cum mess.humiliation phone sex

Mistress Loves Torturing Femboy Training

As your mistress, I take the femboy training very seriously. I’ll go as far as turning your tiny faggot cock into the perfect man pussy to be all used up by these monster black cocks surrounding me and my sexy new mistress apprentice. She’s here to find all the best ways to turn a sissy boy slut like you into the perfectly molded, cock sucking bitch! Come here and bend over for us, we love kicking the useless sack on a good-for-nothing pussy like you. Such a shame for those loads to go to waste. Why don’t you drink up all of your own baby batter and give us a show? Taste these hard black cocks, ten times the size you will ever be, and make them jizz all over your sissy bitch body. Be sure to show up dressed in your best panties for us faggot.Femboy Training

Now time for your black mini skirt and girly bralette to wrap around your chest and give us a dance. Show off your body and bend over for us to kick and jab at the worthless little clitty and full tiny ball sack. It’s really getting me and my cute apprentice off in the lower level of our faggot sex bar made for dick-sucking losers like you. Better hurry and put those dick-sucking tips to use to become the perfect sissy and be rewarded to be forced to swallow hundreds of loads of dripping, real daddy cum!

Mistress Owns Your Little Cock

Forced Sissy TrainingWelcome back my little sissy bitch have you been good for your mistress you better go ahead and takeoff those panties of yours cause I’ve got a nice big black cock waiting on you ready for it to feel your mouth take it deep down your tight little throat make sure you get it nice and slick you know how it goes get that cut nice and wet prepare it for your tight shit hole to be destroyed your insides to be rearranged by this big black cock you’re gonna be sissified so fast! You know that you’re just nothing but a little sissy fuck piggy For me and the rest of these big daddy cock surrounding you I’ve got a whole bunch! I’d say there’s about 10 of them in here ready to spread you out and fill you up with their hot come you’ll be dripping out of it and every single hole come leaking from your mouth and your asshole your stomach so full of their baby better you just won’t know what to do he won’t want dinner because your dinner is there baby better you little fucking bitch now be a good sissy and come suck off these dicks

Meet My Sissy Slut

Sissy TrainingBecoming one of the best sissy trainers wasn’t easy when I came from submission but I learned really quick where men like you belong. That is down on your fucking knees keeping my pussy clean of hot loads with your tongue! Have you got what it takes to become my sissy bitch? Takes massive sized cocks, little cocks, any cock I think you deserve after I put you in a sexy outfit and matching stockings and letting those same cocks fuck your tight shit hole?  You need to suck every last one and make them cum in to your ass! I don’t care if you don’t like the taste, stick your fingers in your ass and suck that cum off your fingers!

Mistresses BBC Slut

Aren’t you a good little sissy faggot? I have taught your worthless, sissy ass so well seeing as you are already down on your knees waiting for sexy hot bbc to walk throught the door. But I think you need a little more training for that man pussy before we get started! Get your stockings, skirt, heels, and all those sissy outfits ready for us because this may take a while.Bbc Sissy Trainer

I’m going to teach you how to suck bbc dicks better then all those other femboys. From here on out you are owned but big black dicks and you worship them from their cocks to their toes, lick every part of them and do whatever you can to make them bust their hot and huge loads all over you!

Mistress Makes You A Sissy

sissy phone sexYou have been wanting to become a sissy girl for so long that I think it is finally time to get rid of that little cock and turn it into a sweet clit for you to rub and make yourself cum for your young and sex mistress. I want to see you become dominated and force fucked by the hard cocks that surround you now. Are you ready for these huge black daddy dicks to destroy your new pussy? Now get on your hands and knees and spread those faggot ass cheeks and feel yourself begin to get filled up by them! Every single hole of your will be a cum dumpster for these sexy and you are going to let us use your sissy girl body all the time from now on!

Reminded Of How Worthless You Are

sissy phone sexHave you been a good boy with your little cock stuck between your legs and cowering before your mistress? I hope so! You and your worthless dick have earned a good punish fuck from a bbc! Get on your knees and start to worship me. I want you to thank me for all the cocks, punishments and worthless orgasms I have given you. You are a real man faggot for other cocks aren’t you? You have had all this sissy boy training to become the perfect cock sucking faggot that you deserve to be! You deserve to be on your knees serving your mistress and all of her bbc friends for you to take and swallow down your throat and to also take in your ass!

Mistress Marissa Ball Buster

sissy trainingMaking you my ball busting slave makes your mistress Marissa super wet and excited! I have been dreaming up of the perfect plan on what to do and how to torture your worthless and useless body that you have no right to even call yourself a man. Because all you are is a worthless sissy bitch boy who needs to be put in your place with some cock and ball torture techniques. Making sissy loser like you is what fills me with happiness to see you groping your own crotch after sending a high kick in my stilettos straight to your tiny dick! How do those balls fell in your stomach now sissy girl? After this session, you won’t have that pathetic cock anymore!

Punished By BBC

bbc sissy trainerYou better be down on your knees like a good sissy slut and start begging to touch your mistresses pussy, and begging to get cock from my bbc boyfriends! I love seeing you in pain as hard cocks are shoved into your pussy sissy hole and straight down your gagging throat. Keep it up with your good sissy behavior and maybe you get to clean all the bbc cum straight out of my shit hole only after begging for it. don’t froget those heels that I love so much on you. The black ones and match it with your thigh highs and sexy panty set for your unforgiving mistress! Come play and get the punishment fuck you deserve from huge bbc’s!

Your Mistresses Surpise

mistress phone sexYour dirty mistress has been waiting for your return. While you were away I was out collecting. I was collect balls and cocks by the dozens. All different ages, colors and sizes for you to have fun with. I’ve stopped by parks, bars, and grocery stores! I hope you’ve been preparing for your special session. You’ve been such slut for us that I think you have finally earned a good fucking! Come and crawl over to your mistress and give my pussy a nice orgasm as your final task before your special treat! mistress phone sex

You’re doing such a good job eating this cunt! I think you’ve finally deserved to get all these all the hard daddy cocks in your holes. Take one in your mouth and this little shit hole nice and tight for all twelve dicks to share and pass you around. Start rubbing on your sissy clit for us so we can watch you bust all over while you’re all filled up!