Online Sissy Training with Coraline is Anything We Want It To Be

online sissy trainingAre you looking for online sissy training? You are on the right site. I think Sissy Slut Hut says it all, yet many men think I will be their bitch. They like my look, or I remind them of mommy. They get very disappointed when I peg their asses. Sissies, however, beg for me to peg their sissy holes. I will make a man submit to me, but I prefer a willing sissy, even a willing unruly sissy. I understand that many sissies are sissies in their fantasies only. But online training is real. And if you cannot go get cock at a glory hole, or get on Tinder for some cock, or even dress like a pretty girl at home, you can do all that in your time with me. I am the best sissy trainer for part-time sissies. This is a cruel world. One full of judgement. I wish it was not like that. I wish no one cared about how you dress, or how you identify or what bathroom you want to use. I tell all my sissies to ignore the haters and be yourself. At least be your true self with me. I will encourage your cock sucking fantasies. I will peg you ass. I will dress you head to toe in the prettiest outfits. Your time with me is your sissy time.

Most of my callers are fantasy sissies, but I have a few who are not married, and have their own businesses, so they can say fuck you to the haters and just do them. I love that for them too. Bree is one of my phone sissies who can do as she pleases. Last night, she took me to the glory hole with her. I encouraged her too. I love the sounds a cock sucking sissy makes. Usually, I hear sissies slurp on dildos. I was listening to the real thing this time. Sissy phone sex is whatever we make it baby. Maybe you can get some real dick, maybe you must pretend. Either way, I will help you be the best sissy you can be.

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