Sissy humiliation training fun with Miss Remi

sissy humiliation

Are you a secret sissy in need of some dick? I could train you to be the perfect cum dump slut! My favorite thing to do is to teach men how to be girly, sissy bitches! I just had a kinky cum slut call me for some sissy humiliation training over the phone. He sent me some pictures of his pathetic, little dick which showed me why he’s a sissy bitch in the first place. I laughed my ass off and told him to go hide that tiny thing behind some pretty panties. There’s nothing a sexy slut like me hates more than having to look at a mini dickie like that! I made him put on a tight, little dress and go out to find a fat cock to take. I had him stay on the phone while he walked around the bar, dressed up like a whore. He was telling everyone what a little panty slut, bitch he is and how badly he wanted to take a fat dick for the first time. I made him walk around, flashing his panties at different people and humiliating himself until he found a hot, older Daddy with a giant bbc. From there, I made him stay on the phone with me while he gave up his virgin, sissy pussy to that massive fuck rod. I could hear him slurping and gagging and I got so turned on! I could hear the sound of his panties being ripped and torn off of him and then I could hear him moaning while his slut hole was being stretched for the first time ever! I’m getting so wet thinking about how he was screaming and moaning for that fat dick to cum for him! Call me so we can talk about my sissy sluts or you can become my next cum lover whore!


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