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online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins now. I love training men to be sissies. I take care of all aspects of training too. I dress a sissy, even take them shopping for pretty things. I train them how to suck cock. If they can go to a glory hole, I help with that too. And I can anally train that back door pussy with a nice big dildo. All sissies are different too. I am not a cookie cutter trainer. I listen to my sissies. I can force sissies when it is required. I am no push over. I want all sissies to be the sissies they can be. Many sissies must remain in the closest because of work or family obligations. I get that. I can still help you be an undercover sissy. I am the best sissy trainer for any sissy boy because I can nurture her. I can bring out her true potential. Sissy Sally came to me already trained by another mistress, but she needed continual education. For this sissy, being her true self is hard. She is married with a few offspring and a high-powered job. She would lose her job and her family if anyone discovered her love for frilly panties and cock sucking. Her former mistress was trying to out her and that cost was too high. I can be discreet. When Sissy Sally’s wife and offspring are with other family, she stays home to work and watch the dogs. This gives her time to get on Grinder and find a cock to suck. Many cocks to suck. I was on the phone with her last night, while a black man on the down low came by to use Sissy Sally’s mouth. She sounded so good slurping on a big black cock. I work with my sissies like Sally who must live their lives like straight men. We can train late at night when everyone is asleep or when your family goes to grandma’s house. Discreet sissy training is sometimes a sissy’s only option and I understand that.

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    • Grinder Sissy on November 18, 2021 at 12:58 pm
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    Oh I love Grinder, can yo help me get more cocks?

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