Online Sissy Training Helps Closeted Sissies

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training available for men like you. Consider me your Christmas present. I stayed busy yesterday. While wives shopped, their husbands fantasized about sucking cock. And one of my callers called me from a glory hole. He is a regular. And I could not have been prouder. I have worked with Sissy Chrissy for a year now.

When she first called me, she seemed so shy and nervous. She was not sure this would be what he wanted or needed. And a year later, we talk weekly. I give Sissy Chrissy little tasks and goals. You need to give homework to sissies and set goals so they can be a good sissy. Chrissy surprised me. We have talked about glory holes for months. This sissy has never sucked cock before. Just only fantasized about it.

As a Sissy Trainer, I Will Get You To Suck Cock

Sissy Chrissy bought a pair of my sissy panties early on in our relationship. So, she wore them yesterday while she sucked cock. I had joked with her last week that she should go to a glory hole on Black Friday. Wives go shopping and men call for phone sex, go to strip clubs and visit glory holes. And the glory hole seemed packed according to him. I knew it would be packed. Men need their cocks sucked. And if they go to a glory hole, they do not care who sucks their cock.

Sissy Chrissy knows proper glory hole etiquette. That is because I schooled her. I know how to teach sissies what they need to know to get cock. A glory hole offers an anonymous experience. I never force a sissy to do something that jeopardizes his standing with his spouse or job. So I suggest glory holes. I got to listen to my prized sissy suck a lot of cock. Big black cocks too. I am the best sissy trainer for closeted sissies. Hell, any sissy.

I can help you make your cock sucking dreams cum true too.

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