Forced Sissy Training Making You Serve BBC

Forced sissy training is what we need to do with you. Caught in my panties an even playing in my make-up. You were supposed to be staying out of my room. My roommate, and tenant. This was an infringement of our aggreement.

Obviously I needed to teach you a lesson. I texted a few of my big black bulls to come over. It did not take them long either. I had you tied up and dressed up. So you wish to wear my lingerie and do your make-up? Well it’s obvious to me you also want to be a blacked sissy.

Of course you pretend to put up a fight with me. But you are weak and a little bitch. Now you are my little bitch all dressed in panties, stockings a silky baby doll and heels. Now lets see how good a slave you are.

Forced sissy training

Finally three big black bulls come in and ready to own that little sissy cunt of yours. Oh don’t fight it sweetie. This is payback hun and you will truly enjoy it. Of course you will be paying me extra for the rest of the year.

Sissy panties

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