Taboo phone chat for guys who need pegged!

Taboo phone chat

Taboo phone chat for guys who need to be pegged! Submissive little men who worship at the strap are welcome to have Miss Z bounce your ass!  I have a great way to spread your legs. Some shackles and handcuffs will keep you in the perfect position for my big dick.

You want all of me deep inside of you, tell me how much of a subby slave you are for the strap! A big open gag secures your mouth for when I think ass juice has built up too much on my dildo! Soon your pretzeled body starts to ache.  But Still, I push on! Deeper, harder, take it bitch boi!

Taboo phone chat includes Dildos, harnesses, and more BDSM gear

Forced feminization begins with a Goddess pushing a big strap-cock in that ass! I hope your feelings are hurt as you see yourself in that big mirror on my ceiling.  My 6-inch spiked heels click on the hardwood floor as my hips sway.

forced feminization I love wearing the sexy clothes you wish you could wear every day as I fuck you! You probably have your asscheeks clenched right now just thinking about trying to prevent my big black dildo from penetrating you. But don’t worry subservient bitch boy, it will fit.  But you should worry if I allow you to cum? Do you think I’ll be too much for your tenderoni ass?

Phone domination and pegging are what you get with my bratty domme ass!  You take as much as you can, your body shaking with pleasure. When you cum, I make sure to let you enjoy it, before pushing you back down and showing your beta bitch place.  You belong to Miss Z now and I will fuck you in bondage anytime I want! Maybe if you are a good boi I will bring out the paddle next time!

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