Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated.

          Online sissy training for the shamed and defeated. After all, you are in a cest pit and have no way of getting out without my professional training help. Doing it online is easy for the shamed. Embarrassed not wanting to be seen. Blushing as red as what you want your ass to be.

          In fact, you will beg to have that spanking. Paddling your ass. Oops a finger is in your ass. Finger fucking you. At the same time pulling on your panties. Snapping your sissy bra. Online sissy training           Taking the butt plug, inserting it. Pushing you down onto the floor. Ordering you to grind your ass into it. Foot pressing in on your little clitty. Making you tell me that you need to be trained hardcore.

You need your Sissy maid training. Learn how to walk in those heels. On the whole you need me. You want to know how to tighten your pussy ass after having so many cocks all in one day. From time to time, I will show you the tricks of the trade.

A point often overlooked is that a sissified sissy really gets all the hard cocks but also all the respect. To sum up, being all that you can be. Will make it that you will no longer be shamed. To be sure you will not be defeated either. You will rise up and be accounted for.

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