Online Sissy Training Available

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training is very popular. Sometimes, I get guys who call me who have no clue they are on a sissy site, and it is not what they want. I think some are honest mistakes. They see a hot mature woman and they get a hard dick. The likely do not even read my blogs. But I still think the majority of guys who claim ignorance to the fact that I am a sissy trainer are just too afraid to admit that is what they want. Sometimes, I force the sissy thing and a guy hangs up on me. Oops me bad. That is when I know they were not just playing dumb. But the ones who take everything I dish out, I know are closest sissies. There is no shame in the sissy game. I can keep your secrets too. I had a new sissy come to me this week with the “Oh, I had no clue this was a sissy site,” line. This site is literally called the Sissy Slut Hut. No false or misleading advertising in our title, LOL. I played along. I am the best sissy trainer for many reasons, but one is knowing how to coax a sissy into acceptance. The world is cruel to sissies. I know. I have two sissy sons and it has been a long road to get them and their school friends to accept who they are.  I had this new sissy start with a cuckolding fantasy. I do love cuckold calls. My caller started to realize he wanted to suck a big black cock. So many men do. Some are sissies and some are just black cock faggots. My caller was both, which is what many men are. By the end of our call, I had him dressed up pretty to serve some big black bulls. Sissy or BBC faggot, I do not judge. I will turn you into a little bit of both because it is truly the best of two worlds.

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