Nurturing Sissy Girl Training

sissy girl training

Do you need sissy girl training? I love to train sissies. I have two sissy boys. They are twins in every way. I think sissies are born that way. Sure, nurture plays a hand in it, but moms are not turning their sons into sissies. Well, some perhaps do turn their boys into cock sucking faggots for their own gain, but good nurturing mommies like me just know when their sons are not like the other boys. I bet if you think about it, there were inklings in your youth that you would be one day looking to be trained to be a cock sucking sissy. Maybe you played in your mother’s panty drawer or her dirty hamper. Maybe you liked to wear hose and walk around in high heels. Maybe you had one or more homo erotic encounters as a young boy. I believe that no one wakes up one day and says, “I am a sissy.” There are always hints and experiences that lead a guy to look for online sissy training. With my boys, they were hints. They were more interested in their big sister’s Barbie dolls and pretty clothes than their Hot Rod cars and boy clothes. They were effeminate. They talked and acted like a girl. One day I realized they were watching gay and sissy porn, and I had the confirmation I needed. Unlike the mothers of most of my callers, I do not find being a sissy shameful. I will not disown blood because they are not manly men. I am far more enlightened. I believe every man, boy and sissy has a place in this world. I have trained my sissy gurls to be cock suckers. I have taught them all to look feminine. When they are old enough, they can live their lives as trans girls, faggots, sissies or any combination they want. Are you ashamed to be a sissy? Did you not get the nurturing you needed from mommy? Mommy is her for you lovies. I am the best sissy trainer for sissy gurls in need of a feminine touch.


    • Alan on April 13, 2022 at 10:35 am
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    I always wished my mommy would have been like you are.

    • celestinino on April 15, 2022 at 3:02 pm
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    i need some training

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