New Young Sissy Toy To Train

The prettiest teen sissy slut stumbled onto my feet recently. I saw her walking down the street like a lost puppy. I told her that I like her pretty pink shoes and that only a good little slut wears shoes like that. I invited her to my place for a good sissy slut training. By the looks of her I could tell her sweet boy pussy was trained well. I made her undress down to her cute pussy pink  Sissy panties and only heels on. I asked her about her training history but it sounded like she only had been fucked before. I told her how I am a strict mistress and I better have any mess I have made cleaned up right away. I told her she came at the right time I had just had a really good fuck session that made my cunt dripping and full of hot gooey jizz. He got on his knees and licked my dirty cunt. With every dig of his tongue in my gooey pussy he pulled cum and juices into his mouth being a good slut cleaning me up.

Sissy slave training

When she was done I have her give my house a spring cleaning before I would fuck her with my strap on toy.

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    • Bitsy on June 6, 2022 at 11:33 am
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    Thanks for inspiring me and taking me on for training, Mistress.

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