My Sissy Gets Some Humiliation Fun

sissy humiliation trainingOh how my sweet Devina went on for weeks begging for a humiliation assignment. However I wasn’t quite sure Devina was ready to push her boundaries. Then I realized I didn’t actually care so I sent her specific instructions with a warning that if she did not follow through I would disown her from my collections of sissy darlings. She was to meet me at my favorite nail salon at 2pm on Saturday. I knew they would be the busiest than, which made it the prime spot to show off my pretty pet. I should mention instructions entailed her showing up in a dress and pretty pair of floral sandals I recently ordered her to purchase. Much to my surprise my little sissy bitch showed up! A complete stuttering mess and a bit clumsy as she shyly looked at everyone who was whispering and giggling. Never seen Devina this shade of red before, she certainly impressed me. We each got our nails done with bubblegum pink polish and for good behavior I let her out of her little pink clitty cage for the evening. I have a pretty good idea of what she did for her Saturday night.

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