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Sissy hypno training

I’ve been asked is does sissy hypno training work? Well, I don’t know faggot why don’t you give it a try and find out for yourself? Unless you are too scared that there is a faggot inside of you and my voice will coax it out of you with just a little time and effort. Though let’s be real honest with ourselves, don’t you already know it will work for you? If there wasn’t a faggot itching to get out you wouldn’t be on sissy slut hut right now looking for the Queen of sissy training, would you?

A real man would never. I guess it’s easier to explore that side of you with some hypnosis work. At least it does make for a really clever easy lie to tell yourself. Especially when I compel you to dress like a girl and get fucked like one too. Some sissies need that extra push, some just need a veil to hide behind. Though the excitement of knowing I could easily expose you at any given time is very erotic for you, isn’t it? Imagine the absolute humiliation if I transformed you into a little fuckable bitch just to out you to the entire world. After all, I’m the Queen here, you are but a mere vassal begging for scraps of knowledge and wisdom from a real woman. You’ll never be able to fuck the number of men that I have, but you are welcome to do everything you can to try. 


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